1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Questions

Answered 1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Questions

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as soon as the car run the abs ligth in the dash goes on. in reverse the car don't do that
1986 Mercedes 420SEL. Have slight vibration coming from rear end.
Car starts fine with full power when cold but looses power as it warms up. It never cuts out but can only be driven very slowly with little power
Doesn't matter what climate button is pushed, air out of defroster vents only. Frustrating. Suggestions?
My car is a 1986 420se and blows blue smoke from the exhaust after a down hill run
I've had a wheel alignment and balancing. It does fine at speeds so far up to 70mph. but hit a bump or pothole and it shakes terribly.
I have tried to unplug all the electrical plug and clean with CRC QD Electrical Contact Cleaner Aerosol, after that the engine light come on. Please advice thanks very much
I have 1986 Mercedes-Benz.The rear brakes need to be replaced.I have already removed brake calipers & pads,but having a hard time trying to remove rotors.
I already check the fuel pump, the relay and swith. Do you think the catalytic affect this situation?
The fuel sensor in the "dash" area has been swapped. It's had a tune up.I happens after idle sometimes but also on the freeway. Very intermittent>
I recently sold my 420SEL to my sister who had a mechanic replace the brakes. Now the ABS light is on and the need brakes light is on. She has replaced the ABS system, rotors and calipers and still does not have goo...