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The meters are going up and down sometimes. Eventually it may brake down completely some workshop guy told me. Any tips for what to do? Is he right? What will be the price for a new or used one?
The hard top is on when I make the turn.
I have no problems till I did a retrofit on the air conditioning . Now car stall every 15 minutes it is a 1984 Mercedez 2 dr. 390 sl gas. Someone says timing or an o sensor I don't really know if it is these things?
air condition blows warm air fully charged with freon
Hello i have a 90 sl 300 and it starts up and idles fine but when i start to drive it it has no power to get over 50 unless i feater the gas. I have chage the fuel pumps,flow sensor, plugs, and both converters.
I installed a heater blower motor in my 300sl. And the motor only blows on the lower speed. When i first installed it the motor blew on all speeds. After five minutes in only blows on the first speed..
soft top does not open. Replaced switch control modual was rebuilt
Where is the oil filter located
this car is actually a 1984 380SL . It only blows cold air and no warm or hot air at all, even in the heat position. I wonder if the diverter door is stuck.....or..... any help out there? Just purchased this vehicle...
The hard top will not release at the windshield. Any ideas
car is 1983 380 sl starts up and kinda idles with a little missing