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need step by step instruction and pictures help...
I found the MAP on the firewall and it can be adjusted by turning a knob.
all of the readings stopped working and i hear a noise. i needed windsheild wiper fluid and the light is not lit up anymore
This weekend we had 3 days off of school and when i went to start the car it made a slapping noise. I don't know if it had to do with the weather which got down to 8 degreesF several of the nights. Also when i turn it...
The heater stopped working after we had the head gasket changed, we took it back to have them bleed the air out of the cooling system but it didn't help.
Power of engine seems to be not transferred to wheels.
replace valve cover gasket now it has better pick up but seems like I always need to add qurt of oil Should I replace all the spark plugs with oil Fire plugs??
Have a new radiator coming. Would like removal and replace instructions
what is the belt routhing pattern for the serpentine belt
torque specs on an 89 mercedes 300se on head gasket bolts, intake and exhaust manifold bolts and bolt pattern on the head bolts
how to change water pump on 1990 300se merz benz step by step
I'm a 63 yo woman who hasn't worked on a car for years. Just need basic instruction like: 1. Where is the fuel filter? 2. What tools do I need? 3. Anything other than simply taking it off and replacing it I should be ...
hi,,, i need a little help with my 1990 mercedes 300 se.. the car died on me one time and im having trouble starting it again.. i tried fuel pumps,fuel distributor,and drain the gas tank.. the car has pressure to the...
I am trying to take the instrument cluster off so i can try and fix the dash board lights
My wife's '89 MBZ 300SE rear door locks refuse to lock automatically when she locks the driver's door with her key. When she opens a rear door while the front doors are locked the alarm goes off. When she locks the...