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Im a diy. Would like imformation on all relays and location of motor mounts.
in the coolant pump, there is a run-off hose that continually drips coolant.why? is there a problem with my thermostat? i recently changed the thermostat-housing because of a crack. do i need a gasket in there too fo...
I own a 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6. Its a wonderful smooth riding car but it has difficulty starting in the cold. I assume its the cold start vavle but i have never seen one or know how to replace it. It would be nic...
bad vibration when driving. had the propshaft balanced, new tyres fitted, brake pads, universal joint replaced nothing seems to help any other suggestions
its got a really bad vibration that we can not solve. we did balance the propshaft, replaced the universal joint en balanced the wheels. did the brake pads but to no avail. when you start her up and drive she starts v...
My 190E has a serpentine belt foe all pulleys! Cannot figure out the correct routing of belt!!!
Where is the transmission vacume modulator valve located? Can I get to it from the top inside the car?
Where is the transmission vacume modulator valve located and can I get to it from the top under the shift console?