Memory controlled mirrors and seats went "Christine" and now don't work on 1998 Buick Riviera

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Was in one of Houston's well known floods last night, car didn't get wet, but was three hours in standing water up to the rocker panels. While waiting, with the car turned off and the key out of the ignition, the driver seat started moving forward, and then all the way back to the fully reclined and rear position - and both outside mirrors went to their stops and kept trying to go further. Car starts and runs normally, but seat/mirror controls are non-functional. Can't drive her, 'cause my legs aren't that long. HELP!
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If the water was up to the rocker panels, then some may have gotten in to some of the wiring or computer bus system. I would have all of your computer systems scanned by a good shop, not a parts store to see what is really going on.
I also have a similar problem with my 95 Riviera. When the wife got out of the car one day, she apparently hit the "MEMORY" button on the door panel, or possibly the "EXIT" button, because the seat went all the way back. Now the seat won't work nor do the mirrors. Is there a way to re-set the 'MEMORY" mechanism ?