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October 08, 2009

This will be a review for all Meineke shops as I have dealt with a few around Portland and the closest one to my house is not listed.
I started going to Meieke because they were close to my house, I could drop off my car and walk home, so it was convenient. At first they seemed to be fine, the shop guys were fairly friendly although not overly so, they diagnosed my broke problems and took me into the shop to show me the wear. The guy who helped me THAT time seemed to be pretty honest. I got my breaks fixed to the level that I was fine with, I took it home and did some work myself since they did quote repairs that were not needed, such as replacing my entire axle because one of the universal joint boots was torn (about $25 worth of parts to fix on my own). A short while later I started having problems with my brakes again, I took it back to the same Meineke that did the original work. The saw the "problem" and said they could fix it, but that both brakes needed to be completely replaced. I agreed, being a bit naieve at this point, plus then I figured it came with a lifetime warranty.
Sure enough not too long down the road (within 1 year) more brake issues. This time I was angry, I had been overcharged (or so every person I knew told me) for the brake job, and then they weren't even working. I took it back figuring the warranty should cover it. They "fixed" the brakes under the warranty, but I was still charged for labour just not the parts. That is not a very good warranty in my opinion if it doesn't actually cover the repairs that need to be done because it wasn't done right the first time.
About a month after finally getting them fixed I found a coupon they had given me for a free oil change, I figured this would be my last dealing with Meineke, but I may as well use the free oil change. The oil was changed, of course they gave me a list of about 20 things that needed servicing including a supposedly "black" air filter (which I changed out myself last time they told me it was "black" even though it was hardly dirty at all) that certainly did not need to be done. If that wasn't bad enough the next day my brake light came on. I talked to the mechanic my brother uses, Tom Dwyer, who comes highly recommended, he said my car was too old to make it worthwhile for he or I to have it worked on in his shop, but did suggest I simply check the brake fluid level as the brakes were still functioning correctly. I bought a $3 bottle of brake fluid, topped it off and the light went away, never to come back on.
I was livid. There were only two possibilities for this. 1. Meineke had neglected to fill up my brake fluid when they serviced my brakes, which means they most likely didn't flush the lines either which was part of the very expensive brake job they gave me or 2. they siphoned some out during my oil change to try and get me to come back in for more work.
Oh and within two years my brakes again were out, this time I took the car to another mechanic, as obviously Meineke wasn't to be trusted, not only was the repair there (Les Schwab) cheaper, but I have had zero problems since.
Needless to say Meineke will NEVER see my business again.

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