Mechanic thinks it is timing cover gasket, if not what else could it be? on 1998 Ford Explorer

we took our Ford Explorer 1998 8V V8 to a mechanic to replace water pump, due to leaking antifreeze, and now he says it is something else and we may need to replace the timing cover gasket, so Why??? If it is not that then what else could it be and how much money are we looking at for spending on fixing this problem?

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what size motor do you have? it could exceed 1500.00 plus the water pump.kinda of a mis diag if you ask me
It is a V8 5.0l and he just put a new water pump in and that is how he said it might be the timing cover gasket, but wont know for sure until he tears it apart to find out exactly what it is.
wow sounds like he screwed up the diag
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