Mechanic tells me it is stuck in 4WD on 1997 Kia Sportage

car was driven to the mechanic, he did cat converter work, now says the car is stuck in 4WD and he can't "muscle" it out in to regular drive and that I can't drive it till that is fixed. Any suggestions? and can I drive it home? (less than 1 mile)

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Unless something is damaged, cant see any problem driving it in 4 wd!!! Any problems before?
Not related with the 4WD! I am not sure it is in 4WD. the small gear shift is in the lower right position which is marked "N". He (the mechanic) said they tried to "spin the wheels" and they could only get the rear wheels to engage. That doesn't sound like 4WD to me! The small gear shift will not move..he is right that it is locked up, but it appears to be locked into N if the diagram can be believed. I drove it home and it seemed to be shifting just fine. He scared me...and I was irritated that he didn't "notice" that before the 150 cat converter job he did! I am going to try to take it to a Kia dealership for a "what's up with this" as soon as I can. ONline I saw something about vacuum lines that might be bad. The car has sat more than it has been driven for 2 years. Anything is possible... Thank you for confirming I was okay to drive it home!