mechanic says lifters knock engine needs replace.Is that true? on 2003 Toyota Camry

camry has 306,000 miles. loud clacking sound. using oil but no leak on ground. we change oil 2500 miles. have to Add oil between changes. perplexed. Because of lifters, does engine have to be replaced?

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Sure it's not the timing chain??
this mess is to your mech. do you have all data? there is a valve adj listed in all data which takes 7.2 hrs so maybe you should not be so quick to point fingers.
I goofed on that one too, thanks for being kind.
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no pull valve cover and have valves adj 1st then see if knock or noise goes away
Wow, someday YOU got to teach me how to adjust those valves on this car...I want to watch you do some "magic"!
Thank you for taking time to give me your suggestions. I will explore that option. Thank you again.
Replace defective lifters , if that is in fact the cause of the noise. If the shop is recommending replacing the engine due to faulty/worn out lifters ONLY , then I would look for another shop .The lifters in that engine are maybe shim-type?