Mechanic says car needs transmission on 2001 Ford Explorer

The O/D light came on just in normal driving and mechanic says to replace transmission.

by in Birmingham, AL on December 31, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 31, 2010
When the OD light comes on and flashes there is a problem in the transmission. It could be something simple like a bad selenoid or major transmission problem. Take it to a transmission shop that has a good reputation, and have the transmission codes read. This will telln you what cost you are looking at.
COMMENT by on December 31, 2010
The mechanic did not tell me the code but said it would cost $2200.00-$2400.00
COMMENT by on December 31, 2010
The diagnostic trouble codes go a long way to help the technician diagnosing a transmission concern, but keep in mind, if the technician removed the transmission pan and found heavy metal debris from some of the many moving components, a replacement or over-haul is still necessary. A failed $3.00 washer in a transmission could come apart and take out thousands of dollars of components. I recommend asking questions as to why the shop come to the conclusion and what other options are available.
ANSWER by on December 31, 2010
what is trans doing
ANSWER by on December 31, 2010
Definitely worth a second opinion...
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