Mechanic replaced my battery, he placed a 790cca instead of the 700cca. on 2005 Jaguar X-Type

I heard a pop and the battery light came on. Now car will not start. Thinking the alternator went bad. Did the replacement battery being to big cause this? Battery light was on for two days before I heard the pop. Will take a charge.

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more cold cranking amp battery did not cause that! suggest answering Pushrod...if the battery light was on for 2 days before POP,should have had it checked the first time you saw it come on.if that light comes on at any time,you can bet there is a problem and needs checked then.
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Need to know > where did this pop sound come from? .. Under hood?
Hello, the popping noise could be related to something possibly not being hooked up properly? The alternator typically doesn't just fail like that; an instantaneous failure that you describe along with a popping noise could be a maxi-fuse (high amperage fuse) popping because the battery cables may have been installed in reverse. This is just an educated guess. Have a trained technician test the fuses in your under hood fuse box, and I bet you'll find one is compromised. Besides that: there could be a secondary problem in your charging system as you've described. However, start with the known faults first before having the charging system checked professionally. You can find local technicians that can help your concerns here: