Mechanic changed timing belt now oil is spewing out with loud rubbing noise? on 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

So yesterday I picked up my car from a recomended mechanic.I drove it about three miles when I could hear a rubbing noise that sounded it was from the timing belt. I pulled into my driveway and immediately had a drip coming from the timing belt housing. What could this be. The belt makes a horribly loud rubbing noise and the oil shot all over the undercarriage of the car. I got the the mechanic to send a tow truck to pick up the car and hopefully they will fix it. Could one of the mechanics not tighten a gasket correctly?

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I agree with Roy, an oil seal may have been installed wrong but also sounds like the timing belt cover is misaligned and may damage the new t/belt.
Thanx guys! The mechanic changed his tone when I asked him about the possibilitiy of one of them not putting a seal on correctly. He just kept saying we'll fix it we'll fix it. I'm still betting he's gonna come up with something though.

Thank you both
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sonds like the front crank seal.

So the timing belt cover was misaligned and they corrected that. They claim that no oil was spewing out of the car. They say someone must have spilt it?!?!
cam or crank seal was damaged.