Mechanic can't fix it? on 2002 Toyota Sequoia

We went to a local mechanic who was supposed to fix our problem we had with our 2002 Toyota Sequoia. We had no problems with lights at this point before he fixed the column which had a broken gear shifter. We had the steering column replaced. He fixed it with a used part. Now there is lights on. One is the "check engine light" the other set is the "VSC on" and "Vsc off" lights. We have dropped it off to him 4 times now, because he can't seem to fix it. We paid for the column to go in, so it's his problem. Ok, what the heck is going on, guys? I am not a mechanic, but this does not seem like it is on the up and up. They said the first time it went in that the mechanic didn't know how to get the lights to go off. But to bring it back sometime and they would try to figure it out. The second time, they were going to charge us for another column because they had thrown away the old steering column and need to get parts off of it, so now they had to go get another column to get parts off of. The third time it went in for a different problem they had fixed and they had called back and said they had fixed not only the problem it went in for but also the lights. and now, time #4, I just received his phone call and I am just trying to figure this out..... It now needs a "BRAND NEW" steering column to fix the problem with the VSC lights. Cost $385.00, this is his supposed cost and he won't charge me for labor. The check engine light is a different problem. There is a small leak in a line somewhere which is not a problem, except that it is causing the check engine light to go on. We need to order you a new part which is $417.00.

by in Saint John, IN on July 15, 2013
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