ME Control Unit on 2004 Mercedes-Benz C320 4MATIC

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my car won't start and i am told that my ME Control unit has to be replaced. my car only have 59,500 on it. is this a known issue with the mercedes c-class? is there anyway i can find out if mine was defective from the manufacturer? this is very costly to replace. your rapid response is greatly appreciated.
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This is rare, because in most cases, the ME or Motronic Electronic Control Unit lasts the life of the car. Who did this Diagnosis, was it a Mercedes shop or Mercedes Dealership?? Many Misdiagnose a no start problem as the 'Computer' when it is something more subtle and basic.

Why not get a second opinion?

here are some shops:
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if you bought the vehicle new and did every service with the dealership, it is entirely the dealer's decision to help you with some of the cost of this repair. if you are
not the original owner and/or you've serviced it elsewhere,
you will get nothing. MB leaves this decision up to the dealer. once you're out of warranty, you are an orphan.