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1250 West Division Street, Chicago, IL 60642

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McGrath Lexus Chicago
September 11, 2009

I've had two bad experiences at McGrath Lexus dealership in Chicago. The first time, they told me I needed all this extra stuff done to my truck. They obviously do not look at the vehicle history in their computer that is shared among Lexus dealerships or they would have known I had all but one of the repairs/regular maintenance suggested to me done at another Lexus dealership just 3 months prior. My 2nd ordeal, they caused an engine leak that was not there when my truck was brought in for a wheel alignment. Funny how the body shop that brought it to the dealership only noticed a leak when they went to pick up my truck. I, too, did not see any leak when my truck was dropped off at McGrath. They refused to admit fault and placed blame on the body shop; however, the mechanic did manage to tell me exactly how much it will be for him to repair it. Now how did he have the exact repair cost so instantly? McGrath Lexus is only good for a free car wash and an oil change.

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