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McGrath Honda of Saint Charles
November 24, 2015

I purchased a used Honda 2013 CRV on 10/12/2015 for roughly $25,000. The first day driving it home, I noticed every time I let off the accelerator, the car would jerk. I reported this to the dealership and they told me this was due to the new CVT transmission and that I would get used to it. I had to bring the vehicle in for repair a couple days later for the seat warmer not working properly and again complained about the vehicle jerking and got the same response. A few days later when I brought my vehicle in to get a protective product applied to my vehicle, I again complained about the car jerking and was told the same thing.

On 11/17/2015, when I started my vehicle, the car died within 3 seconds of being started. I started the vehicle again and it once again died in 3 seconds. Next I started the vehicle and pressed the gas all the way to the floor and keep it depressed and it kept going back and forth between 2,000-3,000 rpms, never going above 3,000. When I contacted the dealership, they scheduled me to bring the vehicle into the service department at 7am the next morning. When I went to my car to drive it up to the dealership, it wouldn't start at all. It took over half an hour just to get the vehicle started before I was able to slowly drive it up there because the engine wouldn't go above 3,000 rpm. The dealer inspected the vehicle and informed me it would cost $1500 to replace or $750 to repair the cable.

I contacted Honda Corporate and the dealership and district representative refused to budge on what they would offer for the repair. I was told during the purchase that my bumper to bumper warranty covered the engine specifically, but now it isn't.

The sales, finance and service staff and management claim they stand behind their vehicles, but clearly do not!

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