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Mazda MAZDASPEED6 Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The Check Engine Light may illuminate with a stored code P2006. This is most often caused by a sticking intake manifold runner control (IMRC) valve. Our technicians tell us that depending on your vehicle the valve may require replacement and/or the powertrain control module (PCM) software will require upgrading.

Drive Train -- shanook and 2 others

Everyone and their mother has a transfer case leak on their speed6.
They must have made this system out of the cheapest aluminum that they could find.

My leak has now turned into a stream and powertrain warranty is up by a year.

my car now has 51k miles and they whole transfer case needs to be replaced. well over $3 grand.

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

A lack of power may be caused by an oversensitive knock sensor. Our technicians tell us reprogramming the powertrain control module (PCM) software may correct this issue.

Mazda MAZDASPEED6 Questions and Answers

Visitor, 2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED6, Lutherville Timonium, MD

the passenger side window will not operate from the driver side but does from the paasenger side. And the auto window feature does not operate for either window (driver or passenger). All other win...

silvms6, 2006 Mazda MAZDASPEED6, Chesapeake, VA

Ok i got timing chain replaced at Hall Mazda in virginia beach. Once i got it back about a week goes by and then im crozin along and i hear a knocking. took it back to them and they said it was unr...

jjones80, 2006 Mazda MAZDASPEED6, Slidell, LA

AWD--front and back tires different in size. drove for 6 months until the smaller tires on the back were ripped to shreds along with a grindy, knocking noise coming from all the wheel areas. after ...

ckkonthefly, 2006 Mazda MAZDASPEED6, Collegeville, PA

ABS Pump Motor Relay/Pump Motor Circuit Malfunction needs to be addressed ABS and TCS lighrs are on solid on the dash display. Sounds like an electrical problem but not sure where to start???

Walter H., 2006 Mazda MAZDASPEED6, Pomona, CA

Codes are; (u0121) abs control module
(U0155) Cluster (IPC) control module
(U 0101) TCM Communication & ECM/ PCM(U 0100)
(P2111) Throttle actuator Control system stuck open
(P2110) Throttl...

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The reliability and issues with these cars have a lot to do with how you drive them. They are a sport sedan and most are driven as such. If you drive a car hard things are going to wear out and break. If you own one of these, things are probably going to break and need fixing. That being said I love this car and it is very fun to drive. Would I own one of these if it was the only car in the family, or if you absolutely can not go with out a car for a couple days, maybe not. It will probably be in the shop at some point, but most shops have a loaner cars. If you are a car person and like working on your own car, or want a car you can add some after market parts too. This is a great car to look into.

This car is pure problems. First, it is the timing chain at $1400 now the steering shaft at $1200. The car is barely worth the money I have spent on it. Don't let the turbo fool you-that will be the next thing to go... It deserves no stars...

change powerstearing line at 77000 500$
brake intercooling at 60000 300$
gear for awd front right whell 200$
4 bearing wheel at 70000 259$ each
body paint rear and hood 1500$
mufller decoration broke.
chek engine always on and.....
but what the fealing of driving this fast car good,

ABS and TCS lights won't go out. se4arch of code c1096 defines code as ABS Pump Motor Relay/Pump Motor Circuit Malfunction

Any ideas on how to start to troubleshoot this issue

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