Mazda Mazda6 Reviews

Mazda Mazda6 Reviews and Owner Comments

The rpms goes higher and transmission is really bad. I think its time for a new car to buy bought it used in 2008 problems happened after 2010 getting catalytic converter $235.45 than replaced 02 oxygen sensor at $180.00 other things are very high in repairs on this car. I do love the car and looks of it but its not holding up well at all still would look into another Mazda vehicle.
Car sometimes has distinct acceleration lag while still cold or when turning corners. Also, the driver vanity mirror will not stay closed. Also, the outdoor temp sensor reads about 20-30 degrees warmer than it actually is.
This car is amazing. I had the same problem with the key not working when starting the car, then I realized it was a simple batter replacement for the remote. Apparently those things barely last two years. It is annoying but an easy fix. My BIG problem has been the alarm going off randomly. I have taken it to the dealer several times and they did not know what was wrong. I thought it could have been the door latch since i noticed my open door light would come on occassionally while i was driving, but they claimed that was fixed. I finally had a fit and took it back again, the dealer said it was the door actuators on the back doors, but of course they reccommend replacing all four, just in case. To my surprise, it would cost me $450 per door to fix, thats $1800, NO WAY!!! I am a proud Mazda owner, so i called Mazda's corporate office in California. They claimed to never have heard of this problem, because no one else reports the issue to them. I tried to get them to issue a recall, but not enough complaints. I finally got them to cover half of the cost at warranty price. Now it will only cost me approximately $400 to fix the issue. I have not fixed it yet, but i am hopeful the issue is resolved. IF YOU ARE HAVING THIS PROBLEM, OR IF YOU LOVE YOU MAZDA 6, REPORT THIS ISSUE TO MAZDA. WITH ENOUGH COMPLAINTS, THEY WILL BE FORCED TO ISSUE A RECALL TO FIX THIS.
Love my car to death but I am ready to switch over to a regular car that has a regular key to put inside of a regular ignition and regularly start like all the other regular cars did before this upgraded irregular push start crap. Car responds to open door, lock door, pop trunk, and sound alarm all of which are located on the remote. The problem is, my car wont start at all. Paid a mobile mechanic for nothing and ended up towing it to a Mazda dealership. The mechanic says the car doesn't recognize the key which is causing the car to lock itself while the dealership says they don't know what's wrong. The brake pedal wont depress and the start button is red. So they are ordering new keys to reprogram them to the car and charging me $600 to do so. Is this right? I am screaming recall for electrical/technical problems on their part. Also this car sucks on gas.
Bought a 2003 Mazda 6 car starts up runs a few seconds dies will run as long as you are putting starting fluid in it has anyone heard or had this problem.
Bought a '13 6 Sport to replace a 17-year-old Saturn that was rarely in the shop, but it was time. The second day I had the car, ABS and Traction Control lights on dash stayed on for short periods of time. At first oil change, service advisor said problem was left front sensor. It was changed. Six hours later, lights came on again. Problem gradually worsened to where they were on 90% of the time. This time advisor says left front wheel bearing must be replaced, incl sensor. Can anybody say "lemon?" Run, do not walk, away from this model!
I have truly enjoyed owning my 2006 Mazda6i Hatchback. I've been able to move a lot of things in this car including a 6 foot metal storage rack fully assembled with the hatchback closed. It does have pretty amazing space for a car. With that said, I am highly ticked off regarding all of the repairs I've had to have done since I drove it brand new off the lot in 2006. I dropped it off this morning at the dealership because I was having problems with my headlights and turn signals. So besides having to spend over $500 to replace a headlight (seriously?!), I also have to have the body control module replaced yet again. Yes, you heard me right ... AGAIN. I just had it replaced on 9/13/11 because the locks and turn signals weren't working. I am so upset. This will be the last Mazda I own.
The worst car I have ever had and heard of. I have had to put 17K to keep it on the road and payed 18K when I bought it.
my car is having the same problem, no blinkers, key remote wont work, dome light does not work. the mazda dealer said it is the BMI part, cost about 600-700 Dollars to fix. the part has gone out because it got wet. well guess what I live in Washington State and it rains all the time here. Car had less than 60,000 miles when it started to go out.
Just dropped $700 on installation of new body control module. Turn signal froze on, auto locks did not work, security horn would go on for no reason. Dealer said grommet was out (which mechanic said must be pulled out, won't just come out on its own) & water leaked in & shorted bcm out. However, no one was in dashboard to pull out grommet. Non-dealer mechanic did research to find that others have had the same problem & issue is leak from windshield area (i.e., design defect).
I fell in love with my Mazda 6 as soon as I saw it. I bought it used with 93,000 miles. I bought a warranty from the dealer. It was a First Automotive Service Corporation, 100,000. I was gentle and kept maintenance, oil changes as i was told to do. I was told it would cover internal engine, transmission . I am in total despair now. The catalytic converter went out no warning at 120,000, blew the engine. Bad Mazda converter. The warranty was a fraud and will not cover the engine failure even though it is internal lubricate parts. I now have a beautiful yard ornament that I am paying 209.00 a month for...Yea Mazada
I bought this car from the dealer with 10k miles on it, since then have put 280,000 miles on it. It must have been a demo because it had only been titled to the dealership. Have done very little other than routine maintenance. Oil changed and fluids checked religiously every 3000-3200 miles (monthly in my case). Have replaced normal wear items, brakes, tires, filters, light bulbs. Had it to the dealer 3 times - repl a power pack (2009), front wheel bearing (2010), & belt tensioner for the water pump (2012). In all this has been a GREAT car, must have been built on a Wednesday or something. Has been very reliable and I put a lot of miles on it. It is starting to look it's age, but who wouldn't. I love my Mazda.
The electrical system on my 2009 Mzda 6 has been an absolute nightmare. When we first purchased the car, the remote key lock wouldn't work at all, and you couldn't lock the doors (even manually). The car was at the dealer for 6 days while they tried to firgure it out -- ultimately they fixed that particular problem. Since then, however, the wireless ignition system has become unreliable -- about half the time it won't work at all, so we have to use the key. The locks aren't working again, and now the accessory ower plugs don't work at all. The dealer, of course, is stumped and now refuses to honor the warranty (we went over the 36,000 mile limit beofre the problems were fixed).
I have a 2009 mazda 6 as well and I am having the same problem with the car alarm going off. The battery is good and I have tried looking it up online and I havnt had any luck. I called the dealership and they cant tell me anyhting.
I have a 2009 Mazda6 Grand Touring, Besides all the troubles I have had with the brakes, now my car alarm goes off for no good reason. I have taken it to the dealer, they suggested I have the battery checked, a low battery can make the alarm go off. I took it somewhere else and had a new battery installed. The alarm is still going off, does anyone know what my problem may be? Any help would be appreciated.
so far its been a good car they just need to make basic maintence on the car much easier i would like to meet the genuis who decided that you have to take the entire bumper off to replace one of the most common things that go out,a headlight,and also check engine lights that pop on for no reason, if its cold it tends to start up and sputter then it just dies
I have a 2005 Mazda 6. I bought it brand new. I love my car, but I have found maintenance can be very expensive on it. I do take it to the dealership for most work. I know that tends to make it cost more, but I feel they do the best work as I have tried other places and I always end up back at Mazda. The staff is honest, friendly, and very willing to help. I love the way it drives and aside from regular maintenance I have had to do very little work on the car. I recommend this car to people all the time, but I always warn them of the cost of repairs. Hope this helps someone make a decision
Just paid off my used 2006 Mazda 6. I just recently had to replace all 4 brakes. My headliner is coming down, talked to the Tallahassee dealer and called the 800# for Mazda they said too bad. I didn't have them do my maintenance but took it to other places closer to where I live so they won't do anything about it. Last week, I smelled burning oil after I had my oil changed, now my a/c doesn't work? Headlights are weird, can't see very well in the dark unless the brights are on. Before this car I had a Nissan Quest for over 12 years - most reliable car I have ever had. Would I buy another Mazda - Nope. Wish I had bought a Nissan.
I have had this car for 6 years, I don’t drive it much but have had some problems with the engine, cartelist converter, brakes and now the lights. You get no reflection when driving at night, it seems like your lights are off but they not. Bad choice of car.
need to replace waterpump on a 2006 mazda 6 but dont know how to remove. how do you take off and replace waterpump 2006 mazda 6
Bought a new 2008 Mazda6 for my daughter. She drove to college and put about 95,000 miles on it when the car just feel apart in March 2011. First transmission needed replacing ($3,000), then about 5,000 miles later the engine went bad ($4,000). Last week with about 12,600 miles since the dealer installed reconditioned transmission was bought from Mazda, the transmission has gone up again and Mazda refused to help because it was beyond their 12,000 mile warranty by 650 miles.. Total Junk!
Great car. Bought new with 6 miles on it. I now have 129000+ on it. My tensioner belt froze up and caused the a/c to shut down and i kept driving and the heater hose split. I was on a trip out of town also the A/T and TCS Off light and engine light came on. This could have been avoided if i would have had the tensioner and belt replaced at 100,000 miles. 7 years and counting. I would recommend buying brand new. Cost was almost $800. Do you maint and you should be ok
I currently own a 2004 Mazda 6S with the upgraded sport package. V6 engine, 5 spd manual transmission, 17" alloy wheels, front, rear facias with side skirts and rear spoiler. Got the Bose audio system upgrade with the sunroof. Black exterior color with black interior and cloth seats. In short, this car KICKS ASS! I read reports of people having transmission problems or complaining about batteries and brake issues. I have put 106,000 miles on this car and it has been a dream to own (and I am an on the road field sales manager in up state NY) I have had normal maintenance on the car. The Bridgestone tires that the dealer had on the car got burned up pretty quickly with the weight of the car and the speeds I travel. I upgraded the tires to directional tread Potenza high performance tires for my 17" rims and the difference is astounding. Over 50K miles on these tires and they are just starting to get to the point where I think i will need to replace them next year. Snow tires are a must on this car. Blizzak is the best and are the only snows I would ever purchase. I have run snow tires in the winter for the 6 years I have owned the car and am able to travel the posted speed limit while AWD vehicles are either in the ditch or are not able to sustain any speed whatsoever on clear highways with regular tires. At around 25,000 miles I had a wheel bearing go bad in the front driver's side wheel, battery replacement twice (bought 6 year battery this past time), couple of fog lamps, tires and brakes/rotors. The brakes are the only thing that concerns and disappoints me about the car. i go through brakes way to much and I utilize the stick to slow down the car. I don't tailgate and with driving on 55 mph roads 90% of the time, the brakes should last longer. Any thoughts on brake system upgrades would be awesome! I used to own a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT and never went through brakes prior to 40K miles on them. Now I go through them in 1/2 that time or less on some. Big problem in my book. Interior is comfortable and spacious for a 189 pnd guy. Performance is off the charts. Leave a lot of the more expensive Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, import vehicles in the dust. The car looks great and totally recommend auto armor protectant. Biggest selling point is safety. I got rear ended by a F150 when i was at a red light in Syracuse, NY and other than some back soreness my wife and I recovered just fine. Truck hit us doing 40 mph on wet roads and was paying more attention to the girl next to him than what was in front of him. I could even drive the car to the dealer up the road with no squeaks or moans and groans from the car. What upset me with Mazda was the fact that they redesigned the car, gave it a 50 horsepower upgrade and took the manual option for United States versions of the car. Stupid! Bring back the Manual Transmission and i will buy another one! Hands down the best vehicle we have owned. My wife just purchased a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL that was built off of the 2004 Mazda 6 chassis and it rides and performes just like my Mazda. All you Ford haters should sit up and take notice of a great brand in both Mazda and the Ford Motor Company. They don't win awards just by showing up! I expect my cars to perform and my Mazda fits the bill. Great looks, aggressive styling, great horsepower to weight ratio, smooth shifting manual, no worries of reliability and a rocket ship when I want it to be one. Quality 101 in my book. Puts the other "front runners" of import vehicles to shame Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year!
Have had my Mazda 6 since 2003 new. Absolutely love this car! Been a wonderful machine and still kicking. It now has 239,000 plus miles on it. Have had to change the starter once, a few brake changes and have replaced the tires twice. Can't really complain about the car as its been doing its job and well worth the money. Will not give up this car for nothing.
Recently purchased a 2008 Mazda 6i Grand Touring from a private party. Had 40k and I have had for almost two months now. I simply love this car! Great power, gas mileage, comfortable ride. Previous owner had to change brake pads, tires, and rotors only. Bose sound is nice, leather bucket seats are very comfortable. Only con is the car turns like a truck. Turning radius is horrible. U turns are not as easy as they should be in a sporty vehicle such as this one. Otherwise, the car grips the road with my sumitomo z-rated tires. Handles very well. I would recommend this vehicle to someone looking for a reliable, yet inexpensive sporty 4 door.
I have had my Mazda6 since 2007 and I LOVE IT! Handles like a dream. Sure maintenance needs to be done, but that is on all cars. We need a bigger car(family getting bigger) but we are keeping our little 'zoom zoom' .
Bought an 06 V6 6s in 09 with 38k on the clock. The car now has 75k. In summary, been a reliable and good 4 door car that has never let me down. Reliability is a step down from Toyota and Honda, but especially on the used market, an amazing deal for what you receive. Good Point on the V6 version: Engine is smooth and likes to rev. Manual tranny is good, but the 4 cylinder version is better (we have a Mazda5 manual also with that drivetrain). Interior is well laid out and ergonomics are excellent, but hard plastics abound. Auto Climate control works well and worth the upgrade. Front and side airbags including rear side. More places to store things than any car I've owned. Bose stereo is decent, but hard to upgrade. The Bad. V6 is torqueless until 3500 RPM. You really need to rev the snot out of it for real acceleration. Interior is snap tight cheap. Spent a few months tracking down a noise in the A arm airbag for a few months. Front rotors warp, annoying. Since I use this mainly for long distances, it fits the bill. Items on the 6 to look out for is the PCV valve mentioned and also the pre-cats can disintegrate and get sucked back into the engine on 05 and earlier V6 models. New engine required and really nothing you can do to avoid.
everytime somthing goes wrong with this car I TAKE IT TO DEALER same old thing its fine or that just the way the car is I THINK its the ford parts and slimmy dealership.