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Mazda B2300 Reviews and Owner Comments

I have a 2002 mazda b2300 that has I think is the alarm that comes with it and yesterday I couldnt get it running it sound it like a the battery died butthe radio was good my front lights didnt not turn on but I tried jumping cables and it turn on what can ot be??
im having trouble diagnosing a problem, the engine at idle roughs real rough sumtimes backfires, i sprayed the intake and it had a air leak so i replaced the gaskets but it is still doing the same. check engine light is on for miss fire i replaced plugs, my question is has anyone with this type of vehicle have the same type problem? i am asking before i do more expenvise diagnosis procedures any help?
I've owned several Ford Rangers and was looking for a 4 cyl 5 speed. Found it to be a Mazda b2300 and bought it. Having trouble with the cruise control working, checked fuse and brake switch. Any suggestions? Tony
My mother has had this truck since i was six. She used it to haul news papers around for about 7 years. There has been almost no problems with it. It was recently passed on to me and I've been driving it for a few months now. So far the only problem I've had is that the gas gauge is bipolar. Besides that its an amazing truck. Its small but can haul a lot of weight. I love it and i wouldn't trade it for anything.
I have driven this truck for over 10 years and it has been the best vehicle, I have ever owned. I have little to no problems with it. I have only had to change oxygen sensors and now I need clutch work.
OK truck,had to rebuild front end,not shifting smoothly,misses at first start up,needs to warm up.BUT it tows my boat very well.good gas mileage -24 to 28 mpg.has not left me on the side of the road yet.if i took the time to fix all the little problems it would be an awesome truck.
260k , totaled by the insurance co, and still going strong! Can't wait to get to 500k! Great truck!
I have really enjoyed this truck. It is a steal for the money, and it is super reliable, easy to work on, and generally cheap to fix. Steering constantly feels loose (even after new steering box), but hey, it's a truck from '94. Also, the truck feels very light and floaty sometimes, but again, that is what I expected out of this lightweight truck. Great gas mileage, even with bigger tires installed! (235/75/15)
I must agree with's the best vehicle i have ever had and i have kept it the longest...its a 94 and I'm pretty sure it still has the same clutch assembly...which would probably be the reason I am having to change it tryin to find instructions on how to do it and what tools i will need...if you have any help facebook me Garion Brooks or email me
great little truck a little light tho
Great truck. One time hose clamp broke at 65K. Tires and and front brake pads at 82k. At a 107k I just installed a serp. belt and will change all the fluids and grease front bearing. Have a fuel shut-off issue when I hit rough roads, but I reset it and starts right up. No error codes from the PCM. I'll figure it out. Lots of heavy snow and rain this season, maybe just a corroded connector. Can't complain at all. Ford has always built their Rangers well!!
Exellent truck, just have problems with emission pump. Great for hauling Dirt Bike! Tires are a bitch to find!
Very reliable.. However, there is a constant rattling noise as if a shock absorber is going out. I can not determine where exactly the sound is coming from. Also, first gear disengages/pops out sometimes when releasing clutch.
Best little truck every ............

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