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1991 Mazda Protege Question: Mazda won't start/no spark to coil pack/stopped running while driving

I'm wondering if you ever found out what happened to your car. I have a 1991 Mazda Protege LX. I have been having a hard time getting it to start for a while, but eventually it would. I was driving it today and it just stopped working while driving. It felt like everything quit working, check engine light came on, and now it's turning over but won't start. We started by checking the distributor. It had a little oil in it, but we tested the coil pack and it wasn't working. It's like I'm getting no power/spark to the coil pack and have no idea where to go from here! -
Answer 1
Remove the distributor cap to see if the rotor is turning while a helper cranks the engine over, if not the timing belt is most likely your problem. -
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