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Changed EGR valve less then a year ago
Took it to Jr @ Ray's Auto Repair in goldsboro nc. He changed thermostat again & said it needed a new waterpump to stop overheating & needed to blow the air though the inlet of the heatercore ...
We need a tune up, valve gaskets replaced, Y pipe for exhaust replaced, ignition coils and a few other things plug an oil pan gasket. I feel for my mechanic. We didn't know the engine wasn't from the same year.
when this happens, i will have to turn off the ignition and start the engine. and it will start immediately
On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the hardest), what's the level of difficulty on this job? (I have some auto repair skills...not intimidated by most repairs.) Thank you!
Was driving alongn suddenly I'm pushing the pedal and nothing is happening--sounds like in neutral. Coming to a stop light--no brakes. Swerve to miss vehicles stopped at light--no power steering. Not focusing on car c...
Sputters when startup,idling,inclines. Seems to wants to cut off when idling and cuts back and loses power at low rpms when trying to accellerate. Code 303 and 316
Vehicle had front pads and rotors at 85K miles now has 108K miles