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it's only noisy inside the car, it cannot be heard outside the vehicle.
It has a new CV joint.sounds like its coming from the wheels
when letting off the brake but is on the floor and lets a noise in the rear brakes. the emerg. brake doesnt work like it should either. the pedal is way to spongey there are no leaks that i can see either
within a couple of days I checked the engine oil stick and it was totally empty ! i noticed then that the radiator coolant was okay. the very next day the upon rechecking the engine oil - now okay - but the radia...
Sometimes I may have to turn key 10+ times (no sound at all) until it catches. Colder weather seems to make it worse. Ignition cylinder has some play in it. Starter or Ignition cylinder or ???
O/D Off flashing and hesitates when put in reverse. What could it be? Thanks!
Did same thing years ago. Had car towed. At dealership they said key simply pulled out for them. Have tried wiggling steering wheel to no avail. Is it a time factor for security or did the tow itself do something? Wha...
Will not stay running unless I hold the key in the starting position then it's trying to run but when you let the key go it sometimes runs and then sometimes dont
the Cats failed and caused a loss of power exctely like limp mode but no codes, after clearing exhust restrictions and re testing the high pitched squeel like belt slip had gone and the engine runs but missfires on cy...
Sometimes it runs fine and then starts misfiring. Rain seems to make it worse.
Just purchased 2002 Tribute w/148k mi. Driving home the vehicle would buck and hesitate only at slight throttle. Pressing the accelerator further would cause problem to go away. Got it home, shut it off and I let the ...
On the 4 cylinder mazda tribute it is difficult to reach the IAC. what do i need to remove in order to have better access to it?
I have detached two wires, removed one bolt and loosened a second bolt in which there is not enough clearance between the alternator and the car to remove. I can wiggle it around but still cannot remove it? I do not...