within a couple of days I checked the engine oil stick and it was totally empty !

i noticed then that the radiator coolant was okay. the very next day the upon rechecking the engine oil - now okay - but the radiator coolant holder/container was now totally empty !

please what is happening ?

Chokes/coughes. Spews white smoke out tail pipe. Wont hold an idle. Brake lights, ABS lights, coolant lites and airbag lites on but nothing wrong w breaks. How much is this gonna cost me and whats wrong w my car?

Sometimes I may have to turn key 10+ times (no sound at all) until it catches. Colder weather seems to make it worse. Ignition cylinder has some play in it. Starter or Ignition cylinder or ???

ABS light flashed a few times and then turned off. What could be the problem?

O/D Off flashing and hesitates when put in reverse. What could it be? Thanks!

New radiator,water pump,thermostat and capped off heater. It is still over heating. Any ideas?

My wife drove the vehicle around for 2 days after check engine light came on, and it done fine. the next morning it wouldn't start, but it would turn over. The fuel pump kicking in, but I don't know what could be the problem. Do anyone have any suggestions please help

my 2002 mazda tribute runs hot after 10 min of idling. I don't see any signs of leaks the fan comes on but when it comes On it runs constantly, my heat blows out cold air while running. Can someone please help me figure out what's going on?