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Suddenly, check engine light, 30 seconds later I pulled over, very rough engine, checked oil, was ok. Tried to drive 11 miles home, power diminished, bad smell. Mechanic found: Cat. blown, needed Tuneup, (repl. fuel...
is the cost I should pay and any recommendations in SLC, UT market for repair
I am having a high idle problem..with car running and you hit the gas it takes a while for the rpms to return to normal. I have replaced EGR, IAC which did help a little and cleaned the MAF. upper and lower intake gas...
cable routing diagram for rear window
i try to shift my car from park
It occurs every time the car has been in use for more than 10 minutes...a high pitched almost humming noise. Sound like it is coming from the engine area
i lock my doors and they say open the rear ones
my car sit for a week and went i started it start ok went i started driving it run very rough then went it is warm it runs good