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Why radio want come on anymore an fuss not blown
If the oil light turns on can it shut down the motor? Motor did not rattle. What can also make the car shut down if it is not the oil light?
I feel a wobble or shimmy in the front left wheel, and it the tire might be having trouble rolling.
I just changed my TPS Sensor and put everything back together. Went to turn the car on and the engine will not crank. I do have battery but no response when turning the key. Any possible diagnosis would be a help. ...
no 2nd gear or overdrive and no reverse,when in park cant rev the engine past 2000rpm like its bogging out when stepping on the gas in park,in reverse does the same thing as in park wjth the car not running can push i...
I had my engine replaced and worked fine. I let it sit for a few month and the battery was drained so I had it charged and reinstalled... backwards! I ended up buying a new stronger battery after this.. along with rep...
After driving for 20 miles the engine stall. When I check for spark on the spark plug there is non. But the spark comes back after 10 to 20 minutes. What could me the problem?
have what sounds like a knocking sound when going over small bumps. also i hear a creaking sound.
why do i smell gasoline through my vents when the air conditioning or heat is on?
when car has laid for a while white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe. what does this mean?
when the AC button is pushed in and I turn the fan from 1 or 4 to 2 or 3 speed, the A/C green light goes off and the compressor stops running (clutch engaged) The manual said something about an AC amplifier. Where...
how do you adjust back drum brakes
click click click noise appears each time I appy my brakes gradually