mazda mpv 3.0 v6 wont start on 1996 Mazda MPV

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my 3.0 v6 1996 mazda mpv wont start , was driving and just died , i checked battery and its good and fuel and spark plugs ,leads and etc and seems ok . just winds over over and over but wont start
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sounds like a timing belt broken. interference motor which means you may have bent valves which requires major surgey into the motor.

I thought that to! but but timing belt is ok and i have taken the rota cap off and tested to see if the rota button turns when i crank the engine and it does .
my sister in law mpv did the same thing, trying to resolve it for her if its a easy fix, di you happen to find out what went wrong and if so whats the solution?
Same thing started happening to my Van Today. Fuel, air and sparks are being delivered to the cylinders, the distributor is turning when the engine is cranked but the van still does not start? Did you guys find out what the problem was?