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checked fuses safety switches could it computer be shot if we didn't undo battery to change plugs or could it be bad batch of plugs
Hi, all, I would like to get some advise please? I have Mazda MPV 2003. Recently I got P0305, cylinder 5 misfire. When I had this, I did in deed feel misfire, engine RPM dropped from time to time, and felt it would...
I'm changing out my engine.
My wife was getting gas the other day and opened the automatic door on the drivers side and it quit working in mid stream. She tried to force the door and it stuck she then remove the fuse to the door and replaced wi...
idle high than seems to kick down a bit.When driving it seems to spike when going down hill.Never seems to go down at all witch is chewing up gas and makin use of brakes harder.When start back up pops from 3100 2100 t...
does not always do it mainly when engine first reaches tempature. have felt it while driving but not as noticable
150,000 miles on it. Are there troubleshooting steps i can preform?