Mazda millennia 2000 when connected mass air flow sensor miss fire and stop runi on 2000 Mazda Millenia

without mass airflow connected engine miss fire and stop running when is conected, new cap rotor wires spark plugs tried with another mass air flow sensor and do the same

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What was the scan test results?
miss fire cylinder 3 first one the cat got overheated and clog the mass air will make the engine to miss fire when I convey back with out the car start idle right and flame come out off the exhoust. Please help
code P0303 also P0305, P0101.
You need to let a mechanic check this out for you. All i can do is guess at what is wrong!
any sugestions
Recheck your plug wires to make sure firing order is correct. That is about it!
May have 3 & 5 crossed.
ok thanks anithing else you find let me know , Thanks again
IF the converter is restricted , the engine is not BREATHING right. MAF will not have correct readings for conditions.
Ok Thanks