Replaced spark plugs, idk if its the fuel injectors because idk how to diagnose them... but the car won't start what are some other problems could I have??? I don't want to. Go out and by fuel injectors and that not slove the issue

It's the fuel injectors what others problems can happen??

my driver window will come about 1/4 of the way up and stop. it will then go back down by itself. is this a bad pinch sensor? if so what would you suggest changing?

And I added freon for my a/c but doesnt seem to actually be adding to unit? what should I check?

I removed my head unit when I put it back in all of the following stopped working: LCD screen display, head unit, climate control illumination, and my defrost and a/c. I have already checked my fuses 5 times over.

it keeps popping off i have to hold it so that it trickles into the tank

I have a U0101 code loss of comunication with the tcm, where is it located and what would be my problem

every time I use the brake there is a bad squeak and noise from tires or I should say the brake. What is the problem and How can I fix it? thank you so much.

camshaft sensor,crankshaft sensor replaced these code,erase ,reset computer. light stayed off 2hrs. and came on again,HELP@! I NEED AN INSPECTON STICKER A.S.A.P

about 2 or3 mths add freon.was told hose leak,lower hose?

was told that it was an a/c hose that had been recalled on this model vehicle because it was a common problem with this particular model car. why am i being charged for this part if it was a recall matter? Was the information I received accurate about the hose recall? How much does an a/c hose cost for a 2008 Mazada 6?(estimated cost is fine).

Two spring clips attach to opposite brake pads holding them apart. Are they necessary? Is there a trick to replacing them? ie a jig or rubber bands??

Just not getting fire to the altenator

What does it mean when you say the charger system should be checked thoroughly after replacing a battery? My dealership is replacing the battery. Is this something I should ask to be done, or is it standard?

I had driven my car about 20 miles then suddenly it started violently shaking when I was stopped at a red light. as soon as I started moving again it was fine it continued this for awhile. I started putting my car in neutral when stopped with no problems. when I got home I tried to make it do it so my husband could see and it ran just like normal. Taking it to dealership but any ideas what is wrong. No check engine lights ever came on.