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How much would it cost to fix/ replace the orings so that the a/c would work again
what should I do in detail so I can know how to spend my money the right way I really need the best answer thank you
This is actually a 2.0 manual, has done 40k miles and has been well looked after and not driven esspecially hard. Had the car for a year and have replaced: MAF, O2 sensor, idle pully, gearbox fluid. Cleaned: MAF, t...
top up oil approx 8weeks short journeys
noise is noticeable while driving slowly and braking. have had everything checked and all the mechanic does is grease the bushings. Have had the rotors replaced last year. should I find another mechanic or take it ...
The last few days when I put on the brakes the steering wheel starts shaking/vibrating. There isn't and hasn't been any squeaking when put on brakes but took it in and they said I need all my brakes changed cost over ...
hit a dip in the road and started a knocking sound
Check engine light on. Diagnostic code showing low coolant.