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Wen I pull away its driving, the moment it must switch over to second stage it went in to a high rev,the car won't move, than my lump light go on, I replace new gearbox oil but it still do that, please help me what t...
But it also struggles when i get below 1000 rpm. What is the most likely issue?
But only for 15 20 miles took it to shop hooked up the emissions its not reading my car anyone have any idea why. Please and thank u
I just changed the plugs and fuel pump. The car once put on gear does not move
Happened twice while on the Interstate. The second time it died completely and will not fire back up
The hesitation can occur while driving, or while idling at a light. It does not seem to happen when idling in park mode. It was initially very intermittent and the dealer could not find a problem on the diagnostic com...
check engine light stays on and it read that the catylatic converter is not working I don't know what eles to try.
checked to see if fuel going through ok that was fine.plugs all getting charged.able to turn engine just wont start?any help would be appreciated
the car will start but soon as I press the gas pedal it cuts off.