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The insurance company only offered us $900.00. Is this fair? Otherwise the car is in very good condition for 119,000 miles.
It looks like a person coughing. What does AT means? I don't have the manual when I bought it.
Replacement of seatbelt/airbag
at times I have to play with the wheel turn it one way then the other way which is very stiff and then turn the key again to get it to start ? .
Have not had any problems but my check engine light has been on...dealership said I may need to replace gas cap and not to bring in. This morning I get in and press the gas pedal but nothing happens...I just coast a...
It just seems a little early to run out of Freon as the car is a 2007 and we live in a climate where we only use the AC for 3 to 4 months. Is it normal to run out of Freon this soon or perhaps I need to check somethi...
purchased an m5 in september of 2010. Upon starting and driving for first time there was excessive shaking of vehicle and upon backing up noise that was groaning and creaking as if the vehicle was not attached securel...
The right front wheel makes a knocking noise when driving on a bumpy road or over a bump.
where is the cabin filter located in a 2007 mazda 5
after starting my car in the morning the guage goes right to half way and the car is cold. what can be the potential cause of this
have a mazda 5, bought in 9/07. have been very happy, except the tire wear was excessive, just had to replace all four at 24,000. two tires wore outside in, the other tires wore inside out. possible suspension prob...
what makes a car shut off. but then when you go to start it up it does ,but ends up shutting off again