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it started when I was driving my whole dashboard went completely blank and was hard to accelerate when I got it home I turn engine off then the oil pressure warning light came on and car will not start, I believe the ...
Car idles smooth (~700rpm) all around until brake is applied and not moving. When you let the brake off idle goes back to normal. I've confirmed this by letting it idle in gear with parking brake on. I initially clean...
My car seems to idle lower than normal and it was randomly cutting off when I stopped. Today it has cut off twice while it was in motion. Could this be a coil wire or spark plug issue?
changed crank camshaft sensor, fuel pressure rail, auto electrician no engine management light no faults recorded
I have a 2006 Mazda 5. Over the last year I've noticed some rattle sounds coming from under the car. The mechanic looked at it and said that there were a lot of rocks he took out of the undercarriage (a few times a ...
diaoo1 noise end link worn how may i the estimated cost
Went in for an oil change and dealership is saying the sway bar bushings are worn and the #3 engine mount is 'leaking'. Are these reasonable problems for a 2006 Mazda 5 with just under 80,000 miles?
I have been told by my mechanic an oil leak is due to the oil cooler. He told me the whole part needs to be replaced. Why not just seal it with silicone?
How do I remove the housing that hold the lowbeam headlight?
Dealer says they need replacement. Mechanic says they should not. How do I know whch is right?
light on at