I need to take out a loan to get my undercarriage replaced and I have no idea how much its going to cost. I failed inspection because I was told I have giant rust holes that are dangerous to anyone looking under the car.

Hi. My 2005 mazda 3 has a problem. All at once the indicator turn signals(on dash), air con and climate temp signal stopped working. I have checked all the fuses which are fine. P.s, the indicator outside the car works fine. Please help.

We bought a car off EBay, and the passenger side wiper didn't work. Its like it wants to work like a small tick when we use the other one on the driver side. So I was wanted to get an estimate on how much it will possibly cost to fix or if it is just a simple fix that I can do at home?

Replacement clutch Mazda 3 2005

2005 Mazda 3 Reporting a problem with the vehicle stalling and/or poor idle when coming to a stop.This only occurs when the vehicle is cold.

Water puddles form by both tail lights and there is a puddle of water were spare tire goes

The problem is with the front passenger seat. My mechanic has checked it out and could not find a problem with the airbags or the sensor. Light has been on constantly for several years.

I drove 4 hours to an airport yesterday. Car seemed fine. On the way back, it started developing this shake/vibration when turning the wheel to the right. Mind you, I was on the interstate, so even just enough to change lanes. By the time I got back, its now very pronounced, but if I'm coasting while turning the wheel, it doesn't do it. And there's practically no noise. No clicking, no humming or growling.

my car melted the power boot to nothing and burnt 2 inches of insulation on my power wire but now my replacement alternator wont work do I need new wires?

This has happened twice about a year apart. Both times on the same stretch of hwy when maintaining 75mph. The number 4 & D lights on my dash will flicker while all other lights are fine. I took it into the dealer the first time and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Probably unrelated but now my air conditioner motor seems to be out as well after the last episode.

as i was going around a corner i was turning the steering wheel and the car wasnt turning untill it finally caught and now my steering is crooked and the wheels r straight. changed ball joint and lin kit right before this happened so i beleive those pieces were not a factor

hi my wife's car has started to make a tapping noise from the engine recently. checked oil and all ok this is the only issue we have had so far with car.

can anyone please advise of what it could be and cost ?

thanks keith

took nbattery cable off an put it back on now it dont want to idle

engine light come on test read lean condition in bank one