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I replaced my headlights with halogens and they are really dim. Do I have to use the xenon fusion or could there be something else wrong?
turbo just replace for 2nd time and when i got it back i had problems with engine light, wouldn't start, took back to dealership on way accelerated on hiway and it made a big bang noise and hesitated. thought it was d...
i have a 2007 mazda cx7 mechanic says it needs new engine because the oil pressure is significantly dropped turbo engine is very expensive can i replace it with non turbo ?
how do I change transmission fluid on cx7 Mazda do the filter need to be replace 100,000 plus miles
A family friend said it sounds like a valve. Im not sure what that means or how much it is going to cost. 2 years ago, I had the turbo replaced at a cost of $3200 at the dealership.