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My Maz has been leaking oil 7-12mo. I was told there is a leak between the transfer case and the engine and it would cost over $800 to fix. Does that seem right and what part is leaking? I was not told by the shop wha...
Just took a long drive & now the engine light has come on and Won't turn off
It looks as though the axle nut and rotor screws all need to be removed in order to replace the rotor.
No white smoke, no check engine light, temperature gauge half way. turn off the car for a while. everything goes back to normal.
Recently purchased a 07 CX7 and the turbo was out within a month and it was using oil, quart + in between oil changes. I replaced the turbo and then started getting misfire codes: P0300 P0301,. Replaced the spark plug...
As I was driving my Mazda, the engine just went to idle as I had it in gear, and the check engine light came on. This is the first time. I was also 2 quarts lowo f oil.
From a stopped position it seems to take a while before i can get the speed up even though I'm almost pressing the gas pedal to the floor.
how do i remove them do they just come off when i remove the brake caliper