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My battery light came on. Had it tested along with the alternator and starter, and the starter and alternator came out to be good. But the battery needed to be replaced so I had it replaced. Well this morning the ...
car misfiring underload,replaced plugs and ht leads. car ran perfect for a week, all of a sudden it cut out and would not start, replaced battery still wont start rac came out and said, no spark and no injector pulse....
Connectors were found to be leaking badly. The tubes were badly damaged and broke off, have no idea where to get replacements.
I turn my key on and everything works but when I go to crack it nothing happens and anti-theft light is blinking.
Theft light blinks rapidly motor won't crank over!
When the truck in driven in rain and then stop afew hours later it is hard to get it running runs rough then smoths out
how to change cruise switches on steering wheel