i have replaced the starter,starter relay.battery truck still will not start help please

doesn't seem to effect the performance of the truck and only happens from a stop to acceleration

i have replaced the battery, and cables, alternator,and fan belt. every time i press my clutch petal and prepare to stop my battery needle plummets, my lights dim. engine almost stalls..any ideas no body i have asked semms to know

While working on my mazda the accelerator cable came off the accelerator I put the cable back in the slot at the top of the accelerator. Does it nnnd anything else done to secure it.
thank you

eough shift speedo not working od light flashing

Replace the camshaft senor, ERG valve, cleaned the mass air sensor and throttle body, changed the transmission fluid.

The battery is hot, headlights work, inside lights work. there is no no sounds from the starter. Someone said the ignition switch is bad.

The truck was running alright when it broke down on my wife - accelerator stopped working, power steering went out, and oil gauge was bouncing up and down all over the place. The truck did start a couple times after that, and ran fine for about twenty minutes. Now, it'll crank but it won't start. Guy at Advanced Auto checked alternator, battery, and I'm pretty sure the fuel pump, and they seemed OK. Has anyone else had similar problems?
The check engine light had been coming on routinely, but it was always "emissions leak" or whatever, and I assumed that was due to a new fuel cap. Someone mentioned a possible "idle sensor" issue because the A/C seemed to make it worse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

both motors are from a b3000

Had a small hole in small hose running from thermostat housing to tee in lower radiator hose.Since replacing this hose the heater temp in cab is slightly warm and the temp gauge in dash reads cold.does not appear to be an air lock and have replaced the temp sender.Also what is this small hose for?

Recently had fuel pump replaced. Now it runs a bit then blows a fuse and quits. Dont have a map of fuse system to know which fuse. Weird. any idea why its doing this? Any help grateful.

Nothing in the truck is working. Not even any of the little indicator lights. Whats puzzleing is I tested the battery and it was fully charged. The other odd thing was it was working perfectly an hour before this happened. A friend and I were in the truck looking at the interior thinking of things that could be done cosmetically. We were turning lights on and off then, but no real work like opening things up or removing anything; just looking. During that time the systems did turn completley off just as they remained after about an hour of leaving the truck. However, right after they went off then, we were able to get everything working again after a few trys. Again, an hour later after turning everything off the truck went out completley. Whats going on here??