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Replaced plugs wires cap roter now coil still no spark
first time this broke it only had 52000 miles on it just breaks one tooth off stops running dead
I have just replaced Rotor, cap, plug wires, & plugs. Helped a little, but not enough.
I towed it back home to run some test. Long story short it has good fuel pressure, and good spark. It will also crank over just fine but I cant get it to start, even with starter fluid. Im baffled? Please help
The heater screw is loose and dangling. There is a bolt located directly below the heater core - it takes an L wrench (allen key) but will not move. Do i need to loosen this lower bolt? - if so, how?
when the transmission is removed how is the slave replace
I've changed just about everything still won't start
Replaced master and slave cylinders and clutch bled the lines replaced master again and the slave still isn't moving at all that I can see through the inspection plate
my slave cylinder went out and i was wondering if i need to drop the tranny in order to get to it or is it located on the outside
I think I need a clutch by a Mechanic.What is the average cost of replacing it and what all has to be replace?