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Cleaned mass sensor, double platinum plugs, air filter runs better but still missing
from outside and that's even with taking kiddie lock off
I am trying to repair back door as wont open have removed inside cover of door but still cannot see how to fix this this vehicle was a prison vehicle and as you turned key on automatically locked back doors
I can pump the brakes up with engine off and the brakes work for about ten time then will go to the floor again.
Will fit in it ? Ivan get my hands on an 02 Nissan nivara ??
I can't find my starter, where is it located?
Was driving down the interstate and the truck sputtered a little for a few seconds then smoothed out. I exited and while sitting at a light the truck died. just put 2 brand new coils on it because I was told one was ...
I think its lifters its a2.5liter mazda b2500 2wd truck 150,000 miles
Dry or wet pavement, after rain seems to be more noticeable. At first brake change I noticed the rear shoes were not the same on the same wheel but matched the other side of the vehicle. The drums and rotor appear to ...