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Platinum plugs and air filter still missing
I was changing the timing belt and the picture I found on the marks had a mark on the oil pump pulley
I had to change a bad alt because battery got hooked up in reverse. The battery dash light stays on after ignition
it just seems that I am getting terrible gas mileage just bought a vehicle and was wondering why
My timing belt broke while on the freeway, I was going about 55mph. From what I could find out it is NOT an interference motor, so I figured the valves should be okay, but for some reason cylinder 1 and 4 won't close ...
it blows heat all the time and I hear the blend door flopping back and forth
AC is currently not working so I would like to repair and restore
the truck starts fine. As i'm going thru the gears from 2nd-5th it bucks like i'm running out of fuel. at a light or as i slow down it gets into a real rough idle and has sometimes stalled. I have replaced sparkplugs ...
This truck has an automatic transmission. and bumps really hard going fromm 1st into second gear. Does this truck have a vacuum mogelator for the transmission?
i have a 1998 mazda b-2500 5 speed it has no power and slipping in all gears.can someone please point me in the right direction. i have no power coming out of first gear and the rpms are very high. thanks
The steering wheel is hollow. The air bags have been deployed.
When it stalls, no compression, and starter seems to go very fast. The check engine light does not staying on after it restarts. No codes. Seems to have much less power. It stalled 3 times last night in a 20 mile ...