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200k miles on it. Did timing belt, serp belt, valve cover gasket, plugs and wires, h20 pump about six months ago
The car just cut off and will not even crank over to start
After this still have same code defect What next could it be after replace all new parts.Has anyone had this problem.
Replaced plugs, plug wires and coil still have same problem misfire #3 cyl. and no power on hills.
Hooked the 626 up to a computer reader, and got a goose-egg on read-out having any major problems. Car idles a little low, then stalls on initial acceleration when driving in stop-and-go city traffic. It's fine on...
car was running fine stopped at light started running rough and loud computer said these cylinders were misfiring also gave code 0400 any ideas?
I started changing the plugs and the last one had oil on it. What could it be and how much will it cost
My car failed inspection because of its evap. system. How much would it be to get my evap system fixed? Approximately?
engine getting hot. changed thermo, new water pump
Actual problem is a small bushing that seems unavailable from either Mazda parts or Ford parts. Was told only entire shifter cable available. Would like to know what would be a fair price for this job. Thanks. C...