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I need some major expert answers FAST! I just brought a Mazda 626LX 6CYL with 98k miles on it. The car was fine when I test drove it before buying it. I brought the car in the winter, so I had to drive a few miles to ...
My engine light Code is 1744. It says torque converter. Asked several transmission shops and cost is around $1300. Guys my question is that is this a right price and is it worth it. Or better is to dump this car.
i checked all fuses all good i checked all sensor connections all good. please help me figure this out because my car keeps overheating
All was working good, all of a sudden engine light on and overheating. Turned off a/c was better for short time. Replaced thermostat and flushed radiator and pressure cap. Any suggestions, thanks
I want to tint back window and have to remove brake light. Help
I fill up transmission fluid and is empty after l day. What might I check and approx. cost at shop?