Suzuki SX4 Problem Report

Suzuki SX4 Maunal tranmission may "pop" out of 5th gear

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The manual transmission may "pop" out of 5th gear, this is most commonly caused by a faulty 5th gear synchronizer. Our technicians tell us a revised 5th gear synchronizer is available to correct this concern.

Today, my 2009 SX4 Sport manual blew a synchronizer. She was driving on the freeway when the shifter popped out of 5th gear and wouldn't re-engage. When she arrived home, I listened to the car's running engine, and noticed a knocking sound coming from the transmission. Our car is still covered by the warranty, so the transmission will be repaired for free. -
Was driving and lost 5th gear put out and would not stay -
Car kept popping out of 5th, I was told they would replace transmission, then told they only replaced the synchronizer(?), or something. NOW, the car sticks in 1st gear, sticks in reverse, like the clutch wants to be an automatic, and at times, you can't even find 5th gear. With only 2000 miles on the car, since they "fixed" it, I keep losing brake fluid, and now the clutch will not even engage! It is stuck! Merry Christmas Eve from my Suzuki of 41,000 miles, huh!? -
Our Suzuki is doing the same thing. When you try to put it in 5th gear, it pops out. We have been told by two mechanics that it needs a new transmission. Help! The transmission may cost more than the car is worth. -
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