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11675 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Garland, TX 75041

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Massey Cadillac Dallas
July 07, 2011

Customer service is top notch. Was able to leave my car and "borrow" a loaner vehicle for the meantime at no extra charge. They are pricey, but the work is guaranteed. Only reason for the 4 star rating is that they made a mistake (leaving a wire exposed) that caused my car to stall/shut down five minutes from leaving the shop and on the freeway! However, they sent a toll/wrecker truck ASAP and of course, covered the cost. Also, 2 days after getting the car back,the engine light came back on, so took it back (remember "guaranteed" work? lol)and they found something that "hadn't been thoroughly checked before." All of this was super frustrating, but I must say it was worth it because they came through and fixed the "unnoticed" problem at no extra charge, and my car FINALLY runs super great! Overall repair = Excellent!

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