mass airflow sensor,fuel line/fuel pump, coils???? please help! on 1999 Ford Escort

sometimes my car sputters (like it may die), sometimes it drives fine. it is hit or miss. it tends to be ok with short trips, but, sputters on longer ones. after driving it more than usual the other day, it was sputtering. when i stepped on the gas to drive off of my street it died. (this is the first time it actually died). it shut off, power out...had to restart with the key. at first it would not restart...only sputtered. and then when it would start, when i would step on the gas to move would die again, and i'd have to restart it. it's at the mechanics now. he said he took it for a test drive and it didn't do anything. (like i said, it's hit or miss). so, now he is guessing at what it could be, and has so far come up with mass airflow sensor, fuel line/fuel pump, coils, and several other things. i need to know the actual part that needs replaced, i cannot afford to pay for multiple maybes. has this happened to anyone else...and if you know anything that could help, it would be much appreciated. he also said that he ran it for codes, but, nothing came up.

by in Pittsburgh, PA on March 23, 2012
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ANSWER by on March 23, 2012
does it seem to do it on 1/2 tank or less of fuel?? maybe the fuel pump overheating at times,, that would cause those symptoms
COMMENT by on March 24, 2012
yes!! it does do it alot more often when it has less than a half a tank, or when i use it alot more than i do on an average day. if it is the fuel pump overheating, does that mean it needs a new fuel pump, or does something else cause the fuel pump to overheat? thanks so much!
ANSWER by on March 23, 2012
I wish I could tell you what is wrong but unfortunatly I cannot in this forum. Some intermintant problems are difficult to diagnose when I have the car here in the shop. I can only suggest to find a good honest reputable technician (many are around) and pay to have your problem proper diagnosed. Get referal from friends or coworkers.

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