Volkswagen Beetle Problem Report

Volkswagen Beetle Mass Air Flow Sensor May Fail

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The mass air flow (MAF) sensor may fail, resulting in drivability issues and/or illumination of the Check Engine Light.

yes, i think that my car has everything listed here and then some. I also have something wrong with my odometer. it is fine until i get up to about 60mph then i have no clue how fast im going. i didnt know this at the time i bought the car cuz i only drove it in town. but the first time i took it out of town over by seattle it said i was doing 60mph but the police officer did not agree and wrote me a ticket for doing 75mph. that was a wonderful day. with all the other repairs i have been making on this thing i havent been able to get this fixed due to the money situation and i have all together got 3 speeding tickets in two years with this car. I am 44yrs old and i have my class b cdl with passenger endorsement and have not had a ticket in 20years til this car. its done wonders with my insurance rate... thank you volkswagon. -
The mass air flow sensor failed causing the check engine light to come on. This has happened on two different sensors. I now clean it regularly. -
Check engine light came on. Seems like a faulty issue to have after 11k miles. Cost est is $600 to repair at VW dealership -
Currently looking for best part and labor price. It will NOT be done at dealership bc they are so expensive. Local shop mechanic said $20 for labor and needs to get part quote. MAF code 007 -
Check engine light is on again - mass air flow sensor is bad - $213.00 for the part and $90.00 for the labor, Replacing mass air flow sensor. -
Took forever to figure out what was wrong because I couldn't ever get a code to print even though there was a lot of issue with the acceleration and the check engine light was on. I suggest checking on this if you have a mysterious check engine light! -
Need new air flow tube and O2 sensors. About a $1,000 fix at VW dealership -
My car was diagnosed with a pvc pipe and now needed a MAF sensor. itll be 262 bucks after just paying 478 dollars to fix other check engine problems!!! It still isn't fixed and I don't know if I should report a lemon law. especially since I bought an extended warrenty and everything wrong with it is NOT covered under the warrenty -
Replace sensor 2 on my car -
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where is the mass air flow sensor located on my 2000 vw beetle? Is it a plug-in by the drivers...
car will start and run for a few seconds and then die will restart everytime, cleaned mas air flow car ran great but has sence started dieing again
with a code of P1128 do you know what that code means please help Thank You
Have replaced crank and cam sensor and fuel relay. What can be causing this?