mass air flow sensor on 2000 Chevrolet Camaro

my car wouldnt start up at all than one time it did but cutt off after a min..than today i uplug the mass air flow sensor and it started up and ran for about 3mins i cut it off did it again and put it in reverse and it went back than i went back up....but when the sensor is plug and i put it in reverse it cuts off.... does this means that i need to replace that...and i also have a trouble code of p0305 what could that be also....

by in Los Angeles, CA on September 15, 2009
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ANSWER by , September 16, 2009
This would not be a reliable diagnosis, and when you disconnect sensors, you will set diagnostic trouble codes, so those codes cannot be used for diagnosing the problem. If I was to start diagnosing this problem, I would erase all the fault codes, then try starting the vehicle a few times, then recheck the fault codes. I would also perform a visual inspection of the intake hoses and pipe to make sure none of them were torn or disconnected.
COMMENT by , September 16, 2009
noo i had diagnosed it my self with my OBDII code reader and those was the codes that came up and when my air mass flow sensor was connected it never started so i earased the codes and disconnected the sensor and it started and some 1 said if u disconnect it and it starts and runs than thats what the problem is....and im really not sure what can be a problem to the trouble code p0305...
COMMENT by , September 16, 2009
P0305 is a misfire in cylinder #5 here is some info: Does the p0305 code continue to re-occur after erasing the codes?
COMMENT by , September 16, 2009
p0305 did not occur again it only did once and the other p1514 for the mass air flow sensor didnt occur but p0102 came up...than my security light was flashing...than i tried to start it and it made clickkkkk noise and wouldnt start i tried like 5xx.....plz help...
COMMENT by , July 02, 2010
if you try and crank the car without succeseful turn over the anti theft system will automaticly lock up the computer and disable the engine.