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2003 Nissan Altima Question: Mass Air Flow Sensor

Hello All ! I recently had my car repaired at a local dealer for Mass Air Flow Sensor and Engine/Coolant Temp Sensor. As part of this process, does anybody know if my ECM was suppose to be reprogrammed ? -
Answer 1
i researched your codes and none had tsb for re programming. you have evap code, vvt code with a cam sensor code, a fuel level sensor code and a mass air flow sensor code. these all need to be diaged individually. a flashing will not fix the issues. the failed parts need to be identified and repaired as necessary. Did all these come up after the repair on the mass air flow?? When this is repaired, the tech should check to see if there is an update available for the computer. the short answer is no. it does not have to be done but it does have to be checked for updates. thanks for using repairpal Roy -
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Yes, the codes all came up after the dealer did the work on my car. I wonder could this be part of the recall they also did a few months ago. Involving a cam/crank sensor. I have replaced, like I mentioned earlier...fuel pump, another crank sensor, maf, engine/coolant temp sensor, spark plugs. I also have oil shorting out my plugs. I have replaced these about 4 times. Leslie -
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the recall for the crank sensor is for stalling, that is a flash or re programming. i dont like all the parts being replaced. the likely hood of all them failing at the same time is slim at best. i would get a second opinion on the issues and tell them about the previous repairs. as far as the plugs, that is a separate issue by itself. there are seals that may have failed fouling out the plugs.. Roy -
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Thanks a bunch ! KUDOS TO ROY !!! -
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thank you for using repairpal. Roy -
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