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Our Technicians Must Attend 18 Mitsubishi Mandated Courses Totalling 38 Days of Schooling in Order to Become Certified to Perform Warranty Repairs.

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Mark Kia
June 17, 2014

Was looking for a vehicle that was large enough and reliable for family road trips. Purchased a used SUV from this dealer. Everything seemed good at first about the deal and the wife really wanted the vehicle they had.

I was not allowed to have the "no hassle price" listed on the website and was threatened that if I didn't buy the vehicle for $1000 more than the price said that he had another buyer for it already. They will try to get you to pay for reconditioning and repairs for the vehicle even though it should have been taken care of already. Everything about this deal said not to do it, but since the vehicle was exactly what we were looking for we went through with it.

The finance department was watching a football game during the signing, completely unprofessional. Upon receipt of our vehicle, they let us know that a lot attendant accidentally backed the car into something which ruined the bumper. They did replace it, but again, it was another sign to back out of the deal. Also, they would not let me take the car to an independent mechanic for a used car inspection (another sign that I should have backed out of the deal).

Since the car was to be reconditioned for sale, I would have assumed they would have replaced the pressing issues it needed. The front brake rotors were warped, , the alignment was pulling hard to the left, and the vehicle needed all 4 tires. They never did replace the rotors because they claimed that was normal. They replaced 2 tires, but said the other 2 didn't need replacing even though they were right at the point of needing replacement. After driving the car home, there was horrible vibration. Found that the wheels/tires were not balanced properly (tons of weights on the wheels), I had Discount Tire correct this at my cost since Mark Kia could not get this right. I had also initially made a comment that the car was poorly cleaned up before being turned over to me. They asked if they wanted me to have them clean it again, and I declined. They went ahead and cleaned it anyways and threw away my personal belongings, I couldn't believe it. They have a third-party company clean their vehicles and could not get my stuff back since it was thrown away.

Brought the car back again because they did not take care of the warped rotors, so they replaced the front brake pads instead of looking at the problem. They did however attempt to correct the alignment of the suspension, and it was set properly. The tires are most likely the culprit for the vehicle pulling to one side (again should have been replaced at time of sale).

We left the vehicle with them for a third time for brake issues, they replaced the rear brake pads which again is not related to the front rotors being warped. The rear pads were installed incorrectly. I had also asked for a list of items they performed before it was sold to me, but I have yet to receive it, not even sure if the oil was changed when they sold it to me. They also couldn't tell me which air filter was changed (cabin or air?).

After dropping the vehicle off with them so many times and the dealer avoiding the issue, I couldn't afford to take any more time off of work for them to not address the issue. I would not recommend anyone purchasing a vehicle from this company, let alone letting them service your vehicle when they couldn't correct an issue as important as brakes or as simple as properly balancing tires.

5 months into my vehicle ownership and less than 6,000 miles my engine has failed. They had someone call me to "feel out my attitude" and I haven't heard back from them since. You can see some of the other reviews here about the incompetent and incapable service department. Also the fact that they advertise a low price for their used vehicles and then try to get you to pay for the repairs so the car is road-worthy is a joke. I failed to see the signs and can only hope everyone who sees this takes this review seriously and save your time and money and buy from a reputable dealer who isn't Mark Kia and Mark Mitsubishi.

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Mark Kia
March 12, 2009